sno-cones and bubbles...

one random night after dinner, lane had a couple of errands to run. it'd had been one of those days that we just felt cooped up so we rode along and sat in the car. the boys had been promised an after dinner treat for a good choice they had made earlier in the day. lane takes any and every opportunity to get a sno-cone so sno-cones it was! we sat on the back porch to eat them and ended up pulling out the bubbles! it was a sweet evening with my favorite guys :) 
pop, pop, pop.
i suppose that's one way to blow a bubble!
have i mentioned that knox is into vandalism when it comes to chalk?! he writes on anything but the ground...pillars, cars, windows, toys, and himself!
a beautiful evening does my soul wonders. nights like these make me even more thankful for my little family!

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