june iDump...

my colorful, little buddies! 
a newly turned 5 year old got his chubby, little fingers on a sharpie. 
while lane worked late one night, the boys and i went on a "date." free food+puppies+cookies+handsome company=a FANTASTIC night :)
even a scarf can become a superhero costume!
"look mom. i'm the red angry bird!" i died laughing for a good 2 minutes!
carrying a backpack is a rite of passage for our guys :)
ledger's coat of armor. just like young david of yesteryear!
handsome boys in gingham!
this sweet baby gets bit by any mosquito in a 20 mile radius...and swells up instantly. this used to be how ledger was and he seemed to outgrow it so here's hoping knox does, too! this bite made it look like his ankle was broken or something the way it swelled on his ankle bone.
can you guess what movie sunday afternoon flick these guys were watching?! btw, this is one of my most favorite pictures!
ledger, out of the blue, started talking out of the side of his mouth. i think it's become habit because he's still doing it. it's pretty funny!

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