4th of july...

we had super relaxing, fun 4th. since we had no plans until 6 that night, we spent the morning piddling around the backyard. it's what we do best! it didn't take long for water play to turn into chalk to turn into tag to turn into climbing trees. this was the boys first REAL experience with it! they thought it was the greatest thing ever :)
love my little monkeys!
 i am LOVING watching these guys' bond develop!  it's really sweet and funny :)
 "i went ahead and picked the last bloom off of the plant for you even though i know i'm not supposed to!"
 semi-happy/smiling family :)
and the inevitable outtakes!
the eppersons' hosted us and a few other families that evening for dinner and fireworks. it was SO much fun! we especially enjoyed watching the daddies slip and slide :) it was our first year in at least 5 to not be with our family on this day, but the way our travel schedule fell and the mid-week date, it wasn't feasible for us to go be with everyone! we missed hanging out with them, but we are so thankful for the community god has blessed us with in joplin that feels like being with family. 
knox in his happy place :)
we LOVE our friends!
this was the first year canon has truly loved fireworks. the joy on his face EVERY time he saw a beautiful firework was priceless! i never want to forget his excitement and innocence in that moment.
ledger didn't have the same feelings as canon did! i don't think his hands moved for the hour and a half we watched fireworks!
it was such a sweet, simple day full of lots of love and laughter! to say we feel blessed is an understatement :)

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