our unintentional, week long vacation...

so after pulling away from MOVE at 5pm on friday, we hit the road for okc to go visit lane's brother, tyler and his wife, denise, for a few days. they had just bought a house a few weeks before and we were so excited to see it and them! after 5 hours on the road and only 45 minutes away from their driveway, our transmission just went out...no warning or anything. we waited on the side of the road for an hour and a half for the tow truck and tyler. thankfully, our brother-in-law, kyle, was in town with his pilot. otherwise, there wouldn't have been a car big enough for the 5 of us and all of our stuff. and, thankfully, we still had ac. it's all in the silver lining!

so after a week long ordeal of back and forth and everything that could go wrong going wrong with this random transmission guy, we finally had to have lane's dad come get us since we were supposed to fly out the next morning for oregon. that's right. our car still wasn't fixed (and still isn't on sept 6th...longest story ever) after 7 days.

BUT out of the bad came a huge blessing! we were able to spend 7 days of non-interrupted, family time together. lane was feeling tired after 4 weeks on the road. we missed him. it seriously was like a vacation at their house! they have an amazing pool that we spent 6+ hours a day in for 5 days straight. tyler worked during the days and dee slept since she works nights. we had takeout every evening (since we couldn't all fit in a car :)) and spend time with family. we kept joking saying this was our family vacation! we would've spent $2000 to go somewhere really cool and the boys would've just wanted to swim at the hotel. this way we were getting a new transmission in the deal :) it just felt really refreshing, aside from the times we felt anxiousness from the bizarre situation. ugh.
what? you don't build puzzles in the floor of your car at 11pm at night??
they LOVE their uncle tyler!

ultimate pool bums...
we ate all of our meals outside. just living the dream!
LOVE this sweetness!
while the littles napped...everyday!
after 5 full day of swimmings, canon started complaining of a pretty bad earache. after it affecting his sleep and the fact that he couldn't even touch it, we made a trip to urgent care. the doctor couldn't believe how bad it was. he said he's never seen such a bad case of swimmer's ear. i felt so bad for my sweet boy. 
while we waited for his prescriptions to fill, we drove by my first house. i was born in edmond and only lived there for 3 years before we moved to muskogee. i sent a picture to my parents and it was fun to reminisce! 
tyler and dee, to this day, i can't say thank you enough for your gracious hospitality! you never once made us feel unwelcomed. thanks for loving on our boys so well! they adore y'all :)

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