our week at MOVE...

these boys couldn't get to "college" fast enough! it was great to see lane after a week apart, too :) we had such a great set-up. it was a new dorm and we had 2 rooms with a bathroom joining them...perfect! 
monday, was a fun, laid back day for us (the MOVE staff was crazy, busy with registration) since the conference didn't get started until that evening. that also meant breakfast was bananas and granola bar. 
the boys were SUPER excited once their friends, londyn and jax, were up and around. we had SOOOOO much fun all week with their sweet family! golf cart rides were, also, a big hit :) sarah and i along with the kids went exploring in longview that morning. we ended up at target and chickfila!
these boys were SMITTEN with miss londyn!
torrie and alice arrived that afternoon! the whole week was a big party!
the sessions were a huge highlight for the boys! they LOVED the loud music :) look at ledger's dance moves!
canon and jax feeling the music and belting it out into the banister!
 this is how knox made it through the sessions...LOTS of dum dum suckers!
tuesday morning, we participated int eh color toss. the theme was joseph's story. we talked about god's promises on tuesday morning. this was a fun, practical way to be covered in god's promises!
canon spent nap time with lane in the office one afternoon! warming up in the dressing room for a stellar performance, obviously!
mr. austin drew ledger a sweet sonic!
i LOVE these people so much! so thankful for their friendships. we stayed up until 2 a couple of nights just chatting and laughing. it was totally worth it each morning!
again, mr. austin made them some sweet, cardboard guitars so they could melt some faces!
 just some cool cats :)
wednesday morning, we went on a wild goose chase around the country's most confusing city in search of this huge, new splash pad. it was worth all the detours!
unfortunately, we didn't get to stay that long since 2 of my 3 weren't feeling it :(
that afternoon, i woke up from a nap to a text from lane saying to be ready to go at 4:30. that our sweet friends had offered to take our kids for an hour and a half so lane and i could steal away for bit to spend some time with each other. they even took our kids to the cafeteria and feed them dinner...along with their own kiddos. saints! it was nice to see lane here and there during the week, but we definitely didn't get to spend time with him so this little date was so appreciated!
 me and my handsome boys! they seem so old these days :(
sweet sarah and her cuties!
thursday was extended skip-a-meal/extended rec day so after some tasty bbq at lunch with the staff, naps were the only thing on the agenda for the moss'! "say cheese" wasn't working so i said "show me your teeth!"
 our sweet friends.
and just so you don't think that we're above bribery! 
we stayed in each session until the speaker would come on stage. we then took that as our cue to leave and let the kids run their energy off! "the londyn and ledger show"!
 this boy loved snacking on watermelon each morning! he's his daddy's boy :)
how many people can you fit on a golf cart?? 8 and a couple of strollers, apparently (knox is in my lap).
 the boys loved seeing miss kim each day! she shared her cool pencils and notebooks with them at each session.
after the boys were nervous about the pandas, ping and pong, all week, right before the last session, canon finally decided he wanted a picture with one! he was so proud of himself!
this summed up how we all felt when it was all said and done! had we only known, it was just about to get interesting!

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