our day on a movie set...

one evening, lane came home from work and asked if the boys and i would go hang out at the park during CIY's SuperStart's (the preteen conference branch) film to be extras. we were really excited to just piddle around outside on a gorgeous morning with lane! it was fun hanging out with a lot of the staff. we got there at 8, but they didn't end up needing us until around 10:30. it was pretty fun to watch the makings!
mr. kevin had all kinds of cool things in his truck including this "swing" as the boys called it!
i LOVE these dark, crescent-shaped eyes so much!

when it was finally our turn, ledger, knox and i hung out in the background. each time they called action, i had ledger do the same thing! he was SO into his role. he kept telling me how good he was climbing!
 knox just did his own thing :)
canon and lane were a little more visible. they're acting involved walking down the sidewalk and jumping out of the way when the little girl flew passed them on her bike. they did a believable job!
it was a super fun morning. it got us out of the house and away from packing. of course, the boys can't wait to see the finished product. we rewarded ourselves with chick-fil-a for lunch. afterall, being a movie star is hard work ;) 

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