lane's birthday weekend...

we got home from our extended time away on friday, august 9th and lane's birthday was sunday the 11th. when i say it was low key weekend, it was a L O W K E Y weekend. it was pretty perfect in fact after the busyness of the summer! you can imagine what our food situation was when we woke up on saturday morning so while lane went to help some friends move, the boys and i went to cracker barrel...before we went to walmart! yeah, we did! 

while there, a sweet, older lady sat down with her family near us. she acknowledged the boys on her way to the table, but she kept talking/staring at us and saying, "don't mind me. my eyes are just taking in these sweet babies!" on the way out, i told the boys that we wanted to show her jesus' love by them going up to her and telling her to "have a good day". that just made her day! they ended up hugging her good-bye. as we turned away, i had this overwhelming sense of her being the blessing to me! while i was paying, the woman's daughter or daughter-in-law, came up to me to tell me how wonderful my boys were and to tell me that i was doing a great job with them. seriously, i walked away with tears. i thought about that sweet family all day. power of words, people!
 on the way out to the van, ledger asked, "please you take a picture of us by this tree?" :)
the boys sure did miss nana! they love to dance with her :)
that evening, nana graciously offered to watch the boys so we could go on a date! birthday dates are my favorite. we tried out a local, seafood place, crabby's. it was really yummy. i mean, they had queso with crab in it. *sigh* 
happy birthday to the birthday boy!! he is seriously all 4 of our favorite person. we are super lucky...and thankful to have him as ours!
 the boys LOVED being back at church and seeing their sweet friends!
after church, the crisps and our crew headed to our favorite, greasy burger spot! we ADORE this friendship and love doing life with them on a pretty much daily basis :) that afternoon, we also got to go to a party to celebrate our friend, matt's birthday. he and lane are only one day apart! 
since we moved in with nana last october, there's been a bridge being constructed just a few streets over. the boys have loved the process of it and seeing all the machinery. we, however, did not love the massive detour :) BUT, lane'd been telling the boys that when it opens they could walk across it. it finally opened while we were gone so the men made the trek across the bridge (with lane, of course!).
we wrapped up the day with a trip to academy. lane bought a bike with his birthday money and wanted to check out some accessories (how how i've not taken a picture of him on it yet?!). the boys are always up for a trip to academy! canon even scored his first pair of soccer shins for his upcoming  season.
it was a fabulous weekend. we were thankful for the pace of it, the time spent as a family and a couple, the friends we laughed with, the church we attended and my most favorite part, the birthday boy! AND this may be my most favorite picture of knox!

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