our weekend...

we've had another FULL weekend around here. it was packed with a lot of fun, though! every single morning, ledger asks lane, "dad, it's a work day?" the boys (and me, too) live for the weekend when we can spend our days with lane. he's pretty much our most favorite person!

when lane did youth ministry, his day off was always friday so our weekend started on thursday evening. i LOVED thursday evenings! with his new job, he's an eight to fiver, monday through friday, but i still find myself thinking thursdays are a soft beginning of our weekend!

this past thursday evening, nana invited over for dinner all of the family that lives in town. nana had 14 of her 20 great-grandchildren there! it was the most painless photo ever to snap of 14 kids. they were so cooperative!
ok...it was probably because their crazy parents were scaring them!

we had to rush off after dinner because canon had his first soccer game!! he was SO excited! he's the green team. boy, we were in for a special treat. he has NO CLUE what's going on out there, but he was loving every minute of it. he would randomly look at us and just pump his little arms up and down. we got and gave lots of thumbs up. he ended up scoring an own goal and spent some time in his own goal :) he's such a rule follower that he kept standing around waiting for his coach to tell him what to do! he got in the car and said, "i LOVE soccer!" gosh, we love that sweet boy! i hope his enthusiasm and sweet spirit don't go anywhere anytime soon. 
this video pretty much sums it up!

canon's biggest fans!
friday and saturday, my friend, cailee, and i had a garage sale. it was a gorgeous morning friday for it! a wonderful cool front came through the day before and made the morning so bearable. we were surprisingly, really successful on friday. getting rid of stuff feels so good!
our 4 little helpers did so great and spent 4 hours in the garage with minimal complaining/drama. thank you, mr. ipad!
 this one is such a mess!
lane ran home to have a pb&j with us at lunch. after i put the little boys down for a nap, i walked in the kitchen to find these 2 sharing a watermelon. sweetest sight. *sigh* the boy ADORES his daddy!
that evening, we went on a couples date to crabby's with logan, aanna, levi, and eden. levi and eden were in town for the weekend (oh, how we miss living close to them!). the boys were SUPER excited about having a babysitter! we adore these dear cousin-friends and are so thankful for their friendship.
saturday morning, we opened the garage sale again at 7. thankfully, the coffee and donuts helped take the edge off of the extreme tiredness. and the fact that lane had the boys! i could just sit and chill. lane brought knox to me around 10 because...
he was taking the big boys to a build and grow event at lowe's! i saw an ad for it on facebook a few weeks ago and knew this would be a good activity for them while i was doing the garage sale. especially since they had been so infatuated with the building process of the built ins a few weeks ago. 
working on their firetrucks!
when they walked up to the house wearing these, i about lost it! how cute are those aprons, goggles and brothers?!
at lunchtime, we closed up shop and made a goodwill run. we then hit up chickfila as our reward!
we'd had a date on the calendar to go eat at longhorn on saturday night with drew and cailee for a few weeks. we used the same realtor and moved in to our new homes within a week of each other. our realtor gifted us each with a gift card and we found it the perfect excuse to get a babysitter and go on a double date! we had such a great time! it bums me out that cailee and i  each lived in tulsa for the same amount of time, but it took us both moving to joplin to actually start hanging out. i'm so thankful for her now, though!
before we left, ledger snapped some photos of us :) and you know they were super excited to have miss ashlee come play 2 nights in a row!!
this morning, the boys and i were on our own. lane was asked this week to preach at a small church in oklahoma today. we went to late service at our church so i didn't have to stress to have everyone out the door early. it was such a wonderful service. i love the heart of our church so much! such genuine people. god is so good to me. i walked away in awe of how much he really loves me. one of those things i know, but sometimes, the reality of his love and sacrifice hits me in a new way and makes it so fresh again! as we were getting out of church, lanewas pulling back into town so we met him at qdoba for lunch.....99 cent kid meals! and i had a free entree coupon!
3 of 5 of us took naps. apparently knox's was REALLY good (yes, he still has his pink passy. it stays in the house)! not much is better than a sunday afternoon nap, especially after 2 really early morning and long days this weekend!
lane's been gone this evening. he served dinner at the gospel rescue mission and then emceed the college worship service at our church. busy day for him! canon and knox went to bed around 7:30 and ledger's been hanging out with me. i asked him why he was out of bed and said, "because i just love you." it worked even though i know it was because he really wanted to play angry birds on the ipad. going to bed tonight with a full heart!

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