soccer and a sweet heart...

canon started his soccer career last week. he was SUPER excited for weeks leading up to it! we bought his shin guards over a month ago and just about everyday he would ask to try them on. i'm convinced there's not much cuter than a tiny, little boy wearing them! he cracks us up when he's out on the field! he's not a bit timid which kind of surprises me. he's usually shy in new settings. he lacks no confidence out there. it was a joy to watch him at practice last week! he was SO proud and would look over at the boys and i with a huge grin for a thumbs up. ledger loved cheering for him and wishes he could play, too :)
i LOVE the difference a week makes in his expressions! hahaha! 
it is TORTURE for him to wait all day long to get out on the field!
look at that sweet boy. in his mind, he's landon donovan :)
yesterday, ledger had the stomach bug so he and i stayed home while lane and knox took canon to practice. he was sad at first, but it soon became clear that he was eating up the one-on-one time! when i asked him what he wanted to do, he said, "let's line up all of my cars and animals and people and superheroes!" and he's not even my particular kid! look at that sweet face. he's seriously has to be one of the sweetest people on this plan. except 6% of the time when he's not sweet :) 
when you ask ledger what his name is, he ALWAYS replies with...
we read a few books before the boys got back. he was extra cuddly. he then asked for me to read a bible story to him. we left off on the crucifixion so that's where we picked up. we are reading in the jesus storybook currently and i even got emotional while reading it. during this time, lane got home. as soon as the story was over, we told the boys to go get their jammies. ledger instantly had a wavering lip. when we asked him why he was sad, he burst into tears. i told lane he'd probably have to debrief with him after that story. they know that "the good news is that jesus is alive"! they also love to sing the newsboys, "god's not dead, he's surely alive..." after 20 minutes of talking with lane, he had settled down. i was so thankful for his tender, sensitive heart that god is pursuing. 

this is the beginning of many, many conversations about faith with our boys. i felt both encouraged and heavy responsibility in that moment. it caused us to pray for them even more fervently! thankful that "god's not dead, he's surely alive..."

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