our weekend...

this was a great first weekend of fall! friday started out beautifully gray and cool. my favorite! it was nice to pull out cool weather clothes for everyone. mr. knox rocked his hand me down skinny jeans!
we had a few errands to run and, on a whim, decided to run by lowe's to spruce up our front porch. it's amazing what a pot of mums and a pumpkin do for my soul :) last fall, right after we moved to joplin, i snagged this threshlod mat at target for $6!! i was SUPER excited to pull it out this weekend!
these clowns favorite thing to play right now is to pull as much randomness as they can out of the playroom and put it in any other room in the house. then they call it birthday/christmas/school/house. this specific day, it was christmas. they just kept bringing toys out to me! i just keep telling myself how sweet their hearts are when the mess gets to me. in other news, they're getting really good at picking up!
after dinner, we headed to the mall. lane needed some shoes for a wedding he's in next month and ledger has one pair of shoes that fits. his foot has grown 2 whole sizes in the past year. we struck out for ledger. i'm picky. have i mentioned our frog problem?! i HATE frogs and every night, we have at least 5 right outside our front door. i may overreact when forced to walk passed them to get inside. lane kept the boys outside to show them there's nothing to be scared of. YES, THERE IS!! THEY HOP!!
saturday morning, lane took both big boys to get canon's soccer pics made. while they were gone, i did some serious cleaning. i LOVE to clean when i'm home alone (knox was taking an early nap)!
that afternoon, we went to lachlan's 2nd birthday fiesta. the boy loves dora!! what is it about that little girl that captivates all little kids?! knox even points her out everywhere he sees her. thank goodness she's not on netflix anymore! 
 ledger LOVED the ball pit! he had to have ran and jumped in to it a hundred times...at least.
 big bro helping baby bro! and lane and his buddies...
knox has recently started making 2 toys kiss while making kissy sounds! what in the world?!?!?! it's cute regardless! 
lachlan, thanks for letting us celebrate with you! we LOVE you so much and consider you a part of our family!!

saturday evening, we met our good friends from tulsa, the stewarts', for dinner. afterwards, their oldest son and lane headed out to do senior pictures. the rest of the family came over to our house to hang out! it was SO great to catch up with them. they're forever friends! the boys especially loved playing on the ipad with jacob :)
lane went to afton again to preach on sunday so the boys and i did our own thing. we were dressed and ready to go by 9:15 (so rare...bathed, dressed and fed) so we decided to do our walmart trip before church instead of afterwards. it was really empty and we felt accomplished once done! i even was able to go home, unload the groceries, unload and load the dishwasher and throw a salad dressing together before we had to leave for church at 10:30. seriously, folks, this kind of production NEVER happens!!
we had such a pleasant morning. the boys were in great moods which makes everything go smoothly! i had several people comment on the color of my hair on instagram yesterday. yes, my hair is darker. i got it cut and colored about a month ago. i tried highlights out over the summer, but i just didn't feel like myself with them. plus, i'm terrible at keeping up with the maintenance of them! so this is really close to my natural color, but just richer and glossier. i'm mousy by nature! this filter makes it look darker than it really is. i'm loving it!
knox looked like an 80-year old, retired navyman at lunch shirtless with khakis and tattoos :)
sunday evening, we had a couple couples over for dinner. we are loving having our own space once again to host people! it's also nice that our boys are once again super comfortable being around our friends. in tulsa, they thought of our friends as family. and now, they are once again to that level of friendship with people! it was also great to see them pick right back up with the stewarts on saturday.
we've had full weekends lately, but we wouldn't trade them for anything. our lives feel so rich with the friendships that we have! thankful for this blessing.


Lauren Fisher said...

Looks like a fun weekend! Miss you all and can't wait to see you! Love the mat!

Margo Jean Stewart said...

Love the front door mat! Wish we could come over for dinner! I'm so jealous that the Clearys are going to get to see y'all often. What fun!