ledger's new doo...

for as long as ledger's been alive, his signature look has been the comb over. there was one month when he was 2 that i gave him a faux hawk, but it just wasn't him so back to the side part we went. ledger's hair is super fine and he has a mean cowlick that makes it tough for me to make look good when cutting it. i had made my peace a couple of months ago that it was time for our hairdresser to give the boy a more polished, updated version of the comb over.
before and after...
today was the day! after lunch, lane picked ledger up and they went and both got their haircut. ledgie was super excited for some one-on-one time with his daddy :)
kyle working his magic!
semi-twinkie hair-doos! ledger's hair is used to being weighted down so it will stand up a bit more as we style it differently than usual. such handsome guys!
today has been a good 'ol, normal day. we watched lachlan all day while his mama worked in tulsa. we had crockpot roast, carrots and mashed potatoes for dinner...a favorite of ours, especially in the fall/winter. we cleaned up toys and meals numerous times. canon had a soccer game this evening that lane took the boys to...and live tweeted throughout the 24 minute game. 18 tweets, y'all!! 
i went to a wedding shower for our sweet friend, shaylea. she and taylor are getting married in less than a month. we are super excited for them! i loved getting to catch up with torrie. we only knew each other! now just settling in with a glass of wine getting ready to watch some 24. i heart a good thursday night! AND it's supposed to rain tonight :)

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