we had a much needed day at home where we stayed in our pajamas all day (LOVE these days!). around 4, we threw on some clothes and ran to the bank, but other than that, i've just worked on stuff that i've needed to do, but with the garage sale prep last week, got pushed aside. i clipped 30 fingernails and 30 toenails. i gave knox a haircut. i went through all of the boys' fall/winter clothes to take inventory of what they need. thankfully, not much! my kids rock at growing slowly and stretching clothes/shoes over 2 years :) i did floors. i did laundry. i did kitchen clean-up 3 times (does it feel like it's mealtime, all the time to anyone else other than me?!).

canon surprised me and begged for a nap. that never happens! since i knew lane would be out tonight, i caved and let canon nap. it was 2 hours of bliss with all 3 napping. i sat down with a cup of coffee, turned on the civil wars pandora channel and browsed on the computer. i was so refreshed after that time!

the exciting part of our day that had this boy grinning like a fool was paying off the last of his medical bills from last year's hernia surgery and ER visits/hospital stays that ensued from said surgery (longest sentence ever)! this is the first time in 5+ years (aka since having kids :)) that we've been medical debt free. it feels wonderful! i know that medical debt is one of those things that will always come and go, but for now, we are rejoicing in this freedom. 
lane had a work dinner so we didn't see him until about 6:30. wednesdays are our long days (flashback) where we only get to see lane for about an hour. he usually gets home from work, eats, rushes off to youth group and then goes straight to an improv class. tonight, was a little different. after baths and clean-up, they're was a major rock show going on. nothing like winding everyone up with really loud music before bed!
while i put knox to sleep, lane read the boys their nightly portion of narnia. before he left for his class, he drew hearts on all of our hands. canon and i put our fists together and said, "heart power!" ledger then ran over to us, not to be left out, and said "fart power!" god bless him. and now i'm sitting here watching caillou with 2 little boys that wouldn't fall asleep. i knew that nap would come back to bite me. it was totally worth it, though! and there extra lovey-sweet right now :)
and this picture was from the soccer game last night. how sweet is little brother cheering for big brother?!


Meggie said...

Hey! Just had to let you know... we're expecting our 3rd baby boy in February! We're super excited! I loved your post on bedtime wishes but didn't have time to comment when I read it the first time. Thanks for writing about your sweet family... to someone who can definitely relate... times 3 come February! =)

Amy Hasler said...

Hey Kel! Weird Weird Weird coincident, our little family all sported heart tattoos Sunday night on our hands... We miss you guys! We were just talking about planning a weekend to come and see all of our Joplin buddies!

Lauren & Eddie said...

Oh my heavens, I SO feel like I make a meal, serve a meal, clean up a meal, repeat. All. day. long.