last week...

monday was spent at home in our pj's after our busy weekend. knox woke up and turned on the orneriness immediately as evidenced by this picture! i spent the 8 hours that lane was at work working on getting our bills organized. this was our first month to pay a house payment and utilities on the new house. i had to figure out what bill was coming out of each check and call and change due dates around and all that fun stuff. i also wrote out inside of a column book everything lane would need to know about each bill (autopay vs online, passwords, phone numbers, how much we pay each month, etc.) in case anything ever happens to me. talk about a DRAINING day!!
my boys LOVE "special food"! it's amazing what making faces and adding sprinkles to pretty much anything does for them. it's a super easy mom trick that i can do that brings them true JOY...a win-win for us both!
tuesday morning, we watched lachlan and jax for a few hours. it was fun because i got to visit with cailee for awhile when she dropped lach off and then got to hang out with sarah when she picked jax up. spending the morning with friends made for a great day. AND my kids had other kids to play with which meant less fighting!

canon had a soccer game tuesday night. see that little guy that the ball is hiding?! that's canon HUSTLING! he stayed engaged and chased and kicked the ball the whole time he was in. best game of his career :)
and the crisps came to watch! we have loved spending our evenings in the gorgeous weather. these goof balls were using their balls as chairs. 
wednesday morning, we played at the park with nora and cordie! they were in town staying with their grandparents while their parents were on vacation. the boys LOVE these girls!
we subscribed to readingeggs.com and they boys are loving it. it's amazing what a few lessons has already done for them!
thursday the boys and i ran errands that morning. i found a dress for taylor and shaylea's wedding. we had another soccer game that evening. the eidson's game to cheer canon on! canon and ledger ADORE londyn and jax. canon has loved having so many people supporting him this season. 
on the way home, we were watching the sun set. i loved seeing the rays from the sun. fall has the best sunsets! we had such a great vantage point last year at nana's and i'm so thankful for an equally beautiful sky from where we are now. 


Lauren & Eddie said...

I would love to know more about your bill pay/home organization. We are SO not organized and if anything happens to us people would have a mess to figure out.

Heather said...

Hi Kelli! I have a quick question about your blog that I was hoping you could answer! I'm Heather and my email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)