our weekend...

we had a super fun weekend with my family who came up for a short stay! the boys and i had been on our own for 3 days so we were really glad to see them :) canon and i spent naptime cleaning...and putting the dreaded train track back together. i hate puzzles and that thing is the hardest puzzle! there's only one way that all the pieces fit. bleh. but i'm excited to report that after 4 days, it's still together! 
mom and chloe pulled into town around 7:30 and we met them at outback for dinner. despite the late hour, the littles behaved themselves!
everyone got a second wind when we got home. knox was deliriously happy! mom and clo hadn't been to the house since the day we moved in so the boys were happily giving tours.
saturday morning was a wonderfully gray, rainy, cool morning. pretty much the most perfect fall weather in my book! i LOVE to wake up before the rest of the house and drink my coffee in the dark. after everyone got up and around, we headed to cracker barrel for breakfast. 
apparently, these two are geniuses!!
no trip with my mom is complete without a stop at target to aimlessly browse!
the boys LOVE it when she pulls out her occupational therapy bag from work. they stay entertained for hours!
while knox napped and chloe and canon played, mom, ledge and i snuck away to sam's. ledger was cracking us up...and driving us a little crazy! the boy did not stop talking THE ENTIRE TIME. he was so sweet! i love watching and interacting with my boys one-on-one. 
at dinnertime, lane and lauren pulled in. she picked him up from the airport on her way through tulsa. these 4 were a wee bit excited to be reunited!
sunday morning was a beautiful morning. again, i was up before everyone else and then lane joined me.  we watched the news and drank coffee like an old married couple. i loved it! i missed him while he was gone, and not just for the help! these little guys are such blessings. i looked over at them while i was making them breakfast. they were making each other laugh and i was overcome with gratefulness. 
my little hams. of course, we had our usual sunday morning photo shoot. it's pretty much the only day that we are all dressed and ready at the same time :) i haven't been too impressed with target's fall selection, but i loved these shirts. and i LOVE the fact that the big boys pants still fit from last year!
we were excited to take my family to our "new" church. we kind of love it! we were all ready to go by 8:45...impressive with 4 women getting ready and one man that probably takes equally as long! i'm kidding...kind of :) after a great service (but different than usual. why does that happen anytime you bring a guest?!), we headed over to qdoba for an early lunch. not sure when the last time i ate lunch at 10:50 was! it's our trusty sunday eating place. we can't go wrong with buy one, get one adult meals and $1.50 kid meals. our bill is always $11 for a family of 5!
after lunch, we said our good-byes to mom and chloe. they had to get home to get ready for work and school :( we spent the afternoon being lazy and it was wonderful! at 4:30, lane and i left for home group. the boys were excited to have aunt lala "babysit" them! we left them making halloween cupcakes.
it was such a gorgeous day!
after the kiddos were in bed, we spent the evening eating chips & queso and chatting and watching tv. i wish i could spend every evening with my sister! love her so! she had to leave at 5 monday morning to get back for work at 12:30. 

we were so thankful for the sweet memories made with gram, aunt clo and aunt lala this weekend. even though, it was a short trip, it was a quality trip! thanks, y'all, for driving up and spending some time with us! we loved every minute. we love you each dearly!

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