our weekend...

our friends', taylor and shaylea got married this weekend! we'd been looking forward to their wedding for months. lane was one of taylor's groomsman. since we needed a sitter for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding, lane's mom and dad came up to stay with the kids. we were so thankful! 

i spent a fun morning at the beauty college with my friend, sarah. she had a groupon and even though our girls needed LOTS of practice, it was fun to chat for a couple of hours! the rehearsal dinner was a bbq at the reception site. such a cool place! since we had a sitter who was staying overnight, we went to eric and torrie's house along with some more friends. it was fun to hang out and not have to worry about a babysitter!
meanwhile, the boys' had a chickfila picnic at the ozark soccer game! they made some friends afterwards :)
saturday morning was a lazy morning for me. lane had pictures early and a full morning of wedding stuff. it was an afternoon wedding with gorgeous weather! it was fun having the whole ciy family together. it was a sweet ceremony and they made a beautiful couple. they have style! lane and taylor had a moment as lane was walking down teh aisle towards taylor. they're best buds.
the reception was SO fun! i had to get my picture with the groomsman...
LOVE our people in the next 2 pictures...
my sweet, precious sarah!
look how stunning!!
after the wedding, lane's parents needed to get back so we had a sitter come relieve them so we could go to eric and torrie's "after the wedding party"! 

the boys had such a fun time with oomah and pops. they LOVE it when we're not around and they have them to themselves!
my handsome boys before church on sunday. there's not much cuter than cardigans on little boys!
i also broke my toe before church. lane didn't believe me. i may have a tendancy to cry wolf :)
we love our weekends, especially when friends our involved! we've been blessed with such a great community here!

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Jennifer said...

Your boys are dressed so cute! Where do shop for them?