a beautiful day...

today was such a beautiful day for so many reasons! one of which was the gorgeous weather we had. even though i'm a winter girl through and through, i can't help but get happy when the afternoons are warm enough to play outside to our hearts desire. a time where we forget our afternoon to-do's and don't give starting dinner a second thought. seasons are a beautiful thing! 

after a week of unknowns and some worry setting in, i needed the fresh air and sunshine and laughter as much as these boys did! we played football and frisbee and tag (regular, freeze and monkey editions) and hide-n-seek (the safe outside version :)) and dug for rocks for almost 2 hours until daddy came home which we then played a couple of rounds of toilet tag! it was such a fun, carefree time to be thankful for what we have and to bask in the promises of our loving father! 
 a definite framer!
 "ready. set. hike."
 "TELL YOUR FAMILY I SAID HELLO!" what canon said to each car that passed by.
 SO thankful for these guys! 
looking forward to the next few months of pretty weather :)

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