our weekend...

we had such a fun weekend! my sister and her husband drove up from dallas and my mom and little sister came up from oklahoma. even though it was a super short visit, we are always so thankful to all be together! i spent friday getting the house ready for company. the boys were begging to help me clean so i sent them to the playroom with a cleaning rag each to "clean". it kept them busy for a solid 30 minutes. i'll have to remember this little trick :)
it was chloe's 15th birthday so we celebrated with pizza and cupcakes!
saturday morning brought our traditional trip to chuck e' cheese when aunt lala's in town. the boys' woke up before the sun and were so antsy to get there. they didn't care that chuck was still sleeping!
our favorite game!
knox was #thatkid.
i love this pic so much! my boys are so blessed to have the daddy that they do. 
it's a shame that the boys didn't get any attention all weekend. 
i'm kind of obsessed with photobooth pictures. i hang them all on our fridge!
after burning through 100 tokens (which surprisingly takes awhile), we ate at qdoba and the parted ways from the boys, minus ledger. he always loves to shop with the girls! he just knows that he gets spoiled when he's by himself :) we shopped until we could no longer! my mom snapped this pic of me and my sisters!
for dinner, we took them to one of our favorite local restaurants, red onion. it was a late dinner, but the boys behaved and we all had a great time!
you know it's a wild night when you start playing trust games with mouse traps!
sunday morning, everyone left by 10 to get home and we headed to late church. we had a lazy afternoon that was just what we all needed. we even got to finish the 6th star wars movie. i've now seen them all and love them almost as much as my boys! 
thankful for sweet memories made with my family!

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Meggie said...

How fun! Your family is adorable... And always gives me a preview of life coming up as we just welcomed our 3rd baby boy. =)