i have always enjoyed scrapbooking and art projects, but i think it's safe to say that scrapbooking has become an addiction! i am always thinking of different pages i can create therefore thinking of photo ops...it's an endless cycle. we are going to disney world in may, and my friend, lisa, has already shared a fantastic idea that i want to try. i check the hobby lobby sales ad each week to see if the paper and stickers are half off. it's probably a good thing that they aren't on sale weekly! i started canon's book back in july, but didn't actually have a scrapbook to put all the pages in. needless to say, i got a book for christmas. you would've thought i got diamond earrings! i have enjoyed looking at it over and over this week. what a great, fun way to store memories.


Amy said...

I am an addict myself. I have so many volumes that I am running out of room. I have thought about stopping, but as I look through them and all the work I put into them, the boys' future wives will appreciate them one day as I'm sure they will get them to keep.

Lisa said...

I am totally with you on this one.
I need to get busy on mine though. I'm way behind. I'm getting ready to start our DisneyWorld album from our trip in 2007. You are welcome to borrow my previous two Disney albums whenever you want. I would love to see Canon's album.
We need to get together for a scrapbooking day sometime.