another first...

so tonight we got to experience our first true, long-lasting temper tantrum...all over one bite of pb&j. so fun. canon has a bad habit of spitting out food, and not eating well. lane was feeding him dinner tonight when every bite became a struggle. he got down to one remaining bite, and completely lost it. he sat in his chair for just over an hour having a major meltdown. lane stuck it out, though. i would've probably given in, but that's why he probably was throwing a fit in the first place. after trying to put it in his mouth a million times, the bite fell apart, so he got a spanking instead. after about 10 minutes, he turned into the sweetest boy once again. wow, parenting is hard.

in other news today, the temperature was around 50. canon desperately needed to get out of the house. we went out in the backyard to play for awhile. september/october was the last time we had been back there, and he was still scared to walk/fall in the grass then. we played catch the whole time! the boy loves balls. he kept getting upset at me when i would try to take his picture. he would point at my camera then the table :)

thursday nights are my favorite night of the week. after a long week by myself with just the boys, i'm worn out by thursday. plus, lane's day off is friday so it's the start of the weekend for us!! no big plans for the weekend except lane is speaking at a retreat saturday night. that's it for now!

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Lauren said...

Canon's sweatshirt is really cute! I still feel bad for him having to sit there for an hour...you're so mean.