like father, like son...

1) the hair
aren't they handsome? i told you recently how canon's copycat do came about. he has been wearing it like that since. i even managed to cut his hair, and maintain the faux hawk.
2) the shoes
lane has been wearing his pumas for over a year now. they have kind of become his trademark (along with the hair!). we had seen a pair of baby pumas back awhile ago, and lane had to refrain from buying them. when canon actually needed shoes, he wanted him to get matching shoes. i have to admit...the are super cute on him!
3) the bacpacks
right before ledger was born, we got canon this bag knowing they would each need one since they wouldn't always be together. and now that canon only needs a couple of diapers and a sippy cup, his bag needed to be small. our friend's little boy always carried a backpack and lane said that when we had kids, he wanted them to carry one. so back to the present...this is canon's penguin backpack. when he first put it on, he was sooo proud. we kept telling him he looked like daddy, and he was excited about that!

lane carries his backpack everywhere. it's pretty much his purse, but worse probably since it's filled to the brim and weighs half a ton.

lane is such a good daddy, and canon is crazy about him. i love that they have matching stuff since i am a "matchy-matchy" person. my boys are so blessed to have a daddy who loves them so much :)


Anonymous said...

That is so cute.

Lauren said...

Oh what twins they are...they are presh.