ledger made the big boy jump to solid foods this past week. we started with oatmeal since canon had major constipation issues with the rice cereal. our np said oatmeal is easier to digest so we just went ahead and started with the oatmeal. he's not a huge fan. it's work to get it down! he grabs at the spoon, turns his head back and forth, and gags with each bite. once i started mixing it with breastmilk, he tolerated it a bit better.
i decided to make my own baby food this time around. i've been thinking about it for awhile now, and after finding this great website, i was motivated to do it. we were spending $35-40 each week when canon was at his baby food peak. it was ridiculous...and smelled bad! another factor i considered was canon's pickiness. i'm pretty sure it correlates with eating the same food and same consistency for so long. i'm hoping to have ledger eat what were eating in a few months by just blending/grinding to his ability.
i have a mini food processor that i was planning on using, but this weekend i got it out and the motor didn't work. so i just used my blender which for now is fine since i'm blending it smooth, but i might need to invest in a larger food processor when i'm leaving the food chunkier.
saturday, i blended an entire avocado and he ate the whole thing! i think the boy's ready to eat. right now, he's at the stage of solids where he has to eat the same one for 3-4 days then move on to the next. today, i made 2 large sweet potatoes. my plan over the next few weeks is to make large batches when he's trying something new then after he's eaten everything, i'll have a large supply of everything and we can start mixing a few together.

Untitled from kelli moss on Vimeo.

from the 2 sweet potatoes today, i had 2 ice cube trays worth leftover. after they froze, i just put the cubes in ziploc bags. i'll just have to remember each night to take out enough for the next day. obviously, it'll be more work than buying it at the store, but i plan to buy enough for the month at the first of the month then take a day or two preparing it. then we'll be set for the month! it'll be trial and error, i'm sure :)

he loved the sweet potatoes and couldn't get enough. it was a nice change after fighting him to get the oatmeal down! i can't believe another stage is already upon us. i love my little chunker. remember this other little cute 6 month old who liked to eat??


Josh and Maggie Seymour said...

I think you have the same high chair that I registered for....do you like it? I read lots of mixed reviews on it.

Lauren said...

Don't those solid sweet potatoes look so appetizing? mmmm.