when daddy's away...

it.never.ever.fails that when lane leaves town, one or both kids get sick. how does the universe know?! like every time. geez.

after a fun weekend of the pumpkin patch, hanging out in muskogee with lane's family, going to a movie with my mom and amy, making 2 airport runs, eating at 3 of my favorite restaurants, playing with cousin ella, lots of mommy talk with amy, and hanging out with aunt lala, ledger decided that it was time to get sick again (as if 3 weeks was enough time).

he woke up from his nap yesterday with a fever of 103.2. i freaked. he felt awful. besides being tired and fussy, he seemed fine all day. i gave him tylenol and it only went down to 102.7 4 hours later. gave him more tylenol. set my clock. got up 4 hours later. same routine...101.8. this morning he woke with 102.3. bummer. i called and got an appointment with the doctor. cancelled speech. cancelled with our friend who was going to watch ledger during speech. got us all ready and headed to the dr.

with the fever, a red throat and swollen tonsils, she suspected strep, but it was negative. we then did lab work and a chest xray. both looked good, although the lab work showed he was getting over something. so based on that she said it was viral, and to keep giving him tylenol, fluids and rest. just what i had been doing. great.

he's now going on hour 4 of his afternoon nap. he needs sleep because when he's awake, he's grumpy :(

thank goodness daddy will be home in a few hours...