our weekend...

we have had a seriously low-key weekend which is what we really needed. actually, we've had a low-key week. the boys and i have been battling something for the past couple of weeks, but it really took a shot at us this week. we didn't leave the house from sunday-thursday. one of my biggest pet peeve's is parents who take their sick kids to nurseries and such. my kids noses are green and they sound like they are hacking up a lung so we've been anti-social this week :)

friday, we did venture out to stillwater for the day to see lane's grandparents and aunt. we didn't get to go see them over thanksgiving so they brought christmas to all of okies...and dinner. it was great spending a few hours with them. canon and ledger loved playing with ella. in regards to the above paragraph, the kids are around each other enough that i think their immune systems are in sync so somehow ella has stayed well.
this is canon's normal hold on ella...whether he's walking behind her or hugging her, his hands go to her neck.

we had laid ledger down around 8 and then got him up when it was time to head home around 10. we had kept canon up while we were at their house. they both stayed awake the entire car ride home (an hour). canon went to sleep when we got home. ledger on the other hand was awake until 1:30. after laying in his room talking for about an hour, i went in and got him up. we had the sweetest time for about an hour and a half. we just talked and i let him down to play for a bit then he went right to sleep. i just kept thinking how much i wanted to remember that time.

saturday morning, i wanted to get the boys santa pic made despite their sleep deprivation and feeling awful, but more on that on thursday when i pick the pics up. i spent the better part of the day doing some christmas shopping and browsing while lane hung out with our boys. i met up with my mom for half of it. it was so nice to just be out. i love this time of year.

today was another day spent inside. i begged lane to let us ride along with him tonight while he ran an errand. kyle and lauren just got here for the night...yay!

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annalee said...

well hello to you! i'm so glad you said hi.
i love seeing babies around the same age as mine too. it's such a fun part of the blog world.
your kiddos are adorable! i hope y'all have a wonderful holiday season together!