best birthday yet...

this was seriously the best birthday yet! it was such a great, laid-back kind of day. somethings happened in the past year where i just enjoy special days as they happen instead of dreading the end of them or putting high expectations on the day. it only took 25 years...ha :)

i got the morning off when lane offered to take canon to speech and school. i was able to take my time getting myself and ledger ready for the day. unfortunately, my children missed the memo that there is to be no whining on mommy's birthday. they both woke up super grumpy.
i randomly found little notes sitting around the house from my thoughtful hubby. one on the coffee pot said we had a date at panera after he dropped canon off. panera's my favorite currently for breakfast or lunch or snack! i chose to have lunch since it was 10:30 and i had a few hours of errands ahead of me. lane got breakfast. ledger mooched off both of us...big shocker there.

ledger and i had about 5 stops, including grocery shopping. he's such a good shopping buddy when he has snacks and his blankie. i am enjoying our one on one time we get a couple of times a week. we ran home to drop off groceries, fed the ledge some lunch and then picked up canon. ledger loves going to pick him up. i really miss canon while he's at school.
that night, lane's dad had a meeting in tulsa so his mom offered to come watch the kids for us so we could go out for awhile by ourselves. we love the times we are able to do this. we had the best time for those 2 hours. i feel like it was the perfect reconnect over frozen yogurt...yum!
i got a free drink postcard from starbucks in the mail for my birthday and thought i had to use it on my birthday so we headed over there and went through the drive thru. lane asked what i could get for the free drinnk and the guy said any drink, any size. so i got a venti decaf white mocha. i would never spend $4.25 on a drink!! lane paid for his small coffee and started to hand the guy the postcard. he wouldn't take it and told us to keep it! the whole ride home i kept, at random, smiling and saying how that guy blessed me. can't wait to go use it again :)also, i wanted to show you guys 2 great gifts i received. my sweet friend, beth, gave me these awesome rainboots. i LOVE them. it's something i've always wanted, but never bought myself! and the cute scarf is from one of my small group girls, madison. she reminds me so much of myself and is so thoughtful. they both know me well...i'm loving houndstooth right now!
i am so thankful for all the blessings i have. i'm also thankful for all the kind words that were said to me on my special day! i loved reading all the tweets, emails, facebook messages, cards, and text messages throughout the day. i loved talking to those who called me :) thanks for making me feel uber special!!


anxiously hopeful said...

How funny! I immediately thought of the Moeller ladies (and you) when i saw those boots.

kyle and megan said...

how fun! i absolutely ADORE birthdays. my husband doesn't seem to quite get how important they are to me. growing up in a big family and not having a lot of money, my parents really made a big deal out of our birthday weeks. we got to pick meals, restaurants, desserts, etc. it was just so special!

Lauren said...