our weekend...

believe it or not, i didn't take a single picture all weekend...oops. our weekends start on thursday night since lane is off on fridays. i LOVE how thursdays feel with the anticipation of our little family being home together for a few days! ledger came home that afternoon after being gone all week. we all missed him so much. canon was especially glad to see him!

on friday, we headed to muskogee for the afternoon to visit with lane's cousin, levi, and his wife, eden, who were in town. i also got to meet their new, sweet baby girl, cordie. got me a major newborn fix!! when we got back to tulsa, we grabbed pei wei and met my cousin, morgan at the house. she was town with her job, and stayed with us both nights. we even made a late night cinnabon run!

saturday, my household slept until 9:40!! like that's unheard of for my little darlings. it was nice. my mom came up and canon and I ran some wedding errands with her. we were able to order canon's tux and get his wedding shoes. he looked so handsome! whenever aunt lala sees him, she has him practice his ring bearer skills by walking down the hallway with a book. he eats it up! we got to mark a few more things off lauren's list while she was enjoying a mini-vacay in vegas and chicago :) we picked up morgan, lane and ledger for dinner at chedder's. yum.

side note: for obvious reasons while canon was so sick, we put him back in diapers. saturday was the day to pick up where we left off. i was nervous since we had made pretty good progress the week before. he stayed dry the whole time we were running around. i just take his little potty in the van when we are out and make him go every hour. today at church, he refused to go on their potties even though he had a bazillion chances! he wouldn't even go for me. he held it from 8-11:40 and as soon as I picked him up, he said pee and by the time I got him to the bathroom, he had an accident. thankfully, he stayed dry the rest of the day and only had 1 #2 accident this weekend! now if we can get him to go on potties other than his trusty green frog!

today has been a super cold, dreary day...aka perfect nap day! lane met with someone this afternoon and watched his brother perform at a cheer comp while i took a 2 hr nap, canon took a 3 hr nap, and ledge a 4 hr nap! i cooked dinner for the first time in OVER 2 weeks. with spring break, our crazy sick week/weekend, and people making meals for us, i enjoyed a nice long cooking break! this evening, lauren flew back into town and we have been taking care of a few wedding details! It's exciting to mark so many things off a seemingly unending list.

we have a pretty low-key week ahead, but i'm having a personal shower for lauren at my house this weekend. i have a HUGE to-do list to get my house ready for guests! we also get to see more of my family this weekend which is exciting! i'll be sure to do a post on it next weekend...I think it'll be really cute and fun!

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I love low key weeks:)