spring cleaning...

ever since the big blizzard a couple of months ago, i've had major spring cleaning fever. i kept an ongoing list in my head that drove me WACKY until i wrote it down! technically, i could've done these things at the time, but i don't feel right doing it until it's really spring :) i currently have paint covering my hands. i'll show you what i've been working on later this week!
the changing out of the boys' closet/drawers usually kicks off the cleaning festivities. it feels so good when it's done. i'm waiting on mr. ups to bring me a couple more things then they are set for warm weather!
i'm a bit neurotic when it comes to my "systems" around the house. for example, ledger's stuff is always on the left side or the lower spot. it makes its easier for all involved (namely, lane!) when searching for things :)

for now, i'm off to bed, only to wake up and paint a whole bunch more...


anxiously hopeful said...

wow, that's an impressive list. If i had a list that long, it would be the perfect excuse to shut-down and watch a movie!

Courtney said...

Came across your blog through Dave and Brit's and your comment about baby fever made me laugh.
Your boys are too cute for words and I love the name Canon!