dinosaur LOVE...

a couple of years ago, we inherited some pretty cool toys, including several dinosaurs, from our sweet friends. knowing that boys usually go through a dinosaur phase, i kept them in the animal rotation. thanks to the pbs' show "dinosaur train" and a new t-rex in the potty goody bag, dinosaurs are our boys' new favorite thing!
i wanted to start teaching canon their real names so he doesn't assume they're all called "dinosaur" so we googled each one and looked at different pictures. i then wrote on the bottom of each one the correct name so i'd remember. i didn't grow up desiring to know anything about dinosaurs!
canon's favorite is the pterodactyl most likely because that's what the family on "dinosaur train" is. i make a pretty mean pterodactyl sqwauk that he likes!! ledger's favorite would be the t-rex. he carries it around roaring. ledger LOVES rex on toy story, too.
dinosaurs are just another thing i'm loving about being a boy mom :)

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