my mom had this little slide at her house from her babysitting days. she sent it with my sister to bring to us yesterday. the boys have done nothing but slide for the past 48 hours!
here's an action shot! canon likes to sit at the bottom and "catch" ledger. ledger likes to just hang out at the top of the slide. i've done more refereeing and talked about taking turns in the past 2 days than ever i think! glad to have found something though that keeps them entertained longer than 10 seconds.
today has been pretty chill. we had a playdate this morning with liz and zeke. we always love getting together with them. they're pretty fun! the boys didn't take great naps today, but were pleasant despite the lack of shut eye.

may be too much info...read at your own discretion: this afternoon, (edit: after 2 people pointing out my weird sentence structure, i finally realized what was wrong with it when lane read it aloud...ha!!) i walked in the bathroom to find pee all over the floor around canon's frog potty. i figured he had tried to empty it himself into the big potty. after finding the exact same mess an hour later, i asked him what happened and he said in his own way that he had stood to potty...great. lane had to have a lesson with him tonight!

we made chicken fried rice for dinner tonight. i stuck a ton of veggies in it and the boys ate it all up, plus more! while we were cleaning up the kitchen, the boys entertained themselves with play-doh and drawing. canon made balls and characters from toy story 3 (that movie was on!)
tonight, i'm camping out in front of the tv...dancing with the stars, quintuplet surprise, kate plus 8, and 20/20:william and kate!! lane's gone to a meeting so the tv's all mine...


Josh and Maggie Seymour said...

thanks for mentioning those shows! i almost missed quints by surprise and 20/20!

Anonymous said...

"i walked in the bathroom to pee all over the floor around canon's frog potty"....might want to re-work your sentence! LOL

Lauren said...

I knew the standing up would come sooner or later...that is awesome.