easter buckets...

i had yet to buy the boys' easter baskets that were keepers, but knew it was a tradition that i wanted to have. my sister, lauren, and i had these big 'ol wicker ones that we used every year. mine was pink with a rabbit, and lauren's was yellow with a chick. my mom still uses them to give us our easter treats in!

last year, i just grabbed canon a $1 plastic one at wal-mart, and didn't even do anything for 4 month old ledger...i know. my eye seemed to like the metal bucket look as i was browsing for ideas. i had seen a couple of versions on blogs and pottery barn kids that i really liked, but not so much the price tag.

fast forward a year and easter's this weekend!! ledger and i ventured out to hobby lobby in search for a plain metal bucket and some stickers or vinyl to put their names on it for the time being. they turned out cute, but i want to revamp them after this weekend with some paint. i only spent a total of $7.50 on the 2 buckets and 2 sheets of stickers! LOVE hobby lobby sales! i let canon choose which color he wanted. i was shocked that he picked green. he ALWAYS picks blue!

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levi.eden.nora. cordie said...

Those are so simple and cute! You are such a fun Mama! Have a blast this weekend!