a fun day...

today was a day full of eastery things, cleaning and a lunch date! canon had his easter party at school this morning so ledger and i tagged along with him. they were sweet to let ledger have a cupcake, too. the boy went to town! he doesn't mess around when it comes to food, especially cupcakes. it's funny to see how different my boys are in how they eat. they both LOVE food, but canon is so clean and ledger usually needs a bath afterwards! his shirt was a mess so i just took it off of him :)
after the party, ledger and i went home. he got a morning nap in (which is SO necessary for him these days!) while i started picking up this zoo. at 11:30, we went and picked up lane so he and i could go on a lunch date! he has been crazy busy the past couple of weeks and most of his evenings have been full so lunch it was. our sweet friend, beth, watched ledger.

when it's just the 2 of us going out, he always takes me somewhere i haven't been. he LOVES trying new and local places. it's not my favorite thing (me not being much of a risk taker...ha!), but i usually end up liking where we go. after yummy mexican food, he took me to his new favorite coffee shop. it was cool.

i dropped lane off at the church, and then went to get ledger. on the way, i was able to take care of canon's pre-op registration stuff over the phone. they ask a ton of questions and a lot of silly questions! ledger and i had about 30 minutes to kill before it was time to get canon so we went and sat in the church parking lot. it was sprinkling and looked like it was about to pour! ledger LOVES roaming around inside the van.

when we came home, the boys had a big box waiting for them at the front door. it was from lane's grammie and she had written on the outside that what was inside may startle them at first!! i was so nervous opening it. i envisioned something creepy popping out. nope. it was a couple cute interactive stuffed animals. the boys LOVED them! here's a video of them laughing...
this evening, the youth group came over to watch "passion of the christ" movie. lane started it at 6:30 so that meant i had to entertain my children in their bedroom for at least 45 minutes! i packed them for this weekend, we played hide and seek OVER and OVER (same spots, but canon still thinks it's fun to be scared when he finds me), we sang songs, and finally i decided it was bedtime. they went down great actually!

we have a SUPER busy weekend, but filled with so many different fun things! i'll have lots to post about next week :)

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