surgery and an update...

canon had his surgery yesterday morning. he was scheduled for 9 which meant we needed to be there at 7:30. it's hard to believe that it's been over 1.5 years since we were there last. the surgery was at a doctor owned hospital in town that is out of network with our insurance, but the hospital takes whatever our insurance will pay then writes off the rest. it's a huge blessing to only have to pay the doctor and the anesthesiologist. we LOVE that place! canon was in a great mood that morning and had fun exploring everything.

waiting to be called back...
after we called back to our room and admitted, canon took a trip to the potty! he looked so darn cute walking the halls in his gown and no-slip socks. i had called our doctor's nurse the day before to let her know about canon's head and she said the doctor would check him out that morning...just a boig 'ol bruise that looks worse than it actually is.
knowing we would have to wait over an hour before they took him back to surgery, i put together a little bag to keep him entertained. canon's really into playing a "ame". he asks to play games all the time. he was excited about toy story yahtzee. i LOVE the look on his face looking at the alphabet flash cards..."really, mom?"
we played a couple times and canon won the first one and lane the second. i thought it would be good for his counting and matching skills. we had disney yahtzee growing up and loved it. lane's sore loser face!
they gave him is loopy juice at 8:40. last time it made him so tired and relaxed. this time he was his same self except a couple exaggerated giggles. they came in to get him right at 9 and the doctor came out saying they were done by 9:30. it's amazing how fast it goes! the doctor said his tongue was super tight and a bit tricky, but they were able to clip it just fine. his adenoids were large, also. when he replaced the tubes, one of them was looser than the other so there's a chance it may come out pretty soon. i don't know what happens in that case.

sidenote: when the doctor left the room, lane said he wanted to be friends with our doctor. he jokingly asked the empty room if he wanted to go grab lunch. he's definitely our favorite doctor of the ones we see. we've been blessed with really good doctors who have the best bedside manners.

10 minutes later, the recovery room nurse came and got us and prepared us for a flipping out child. they handed canon to me and he was so limp and just staring off into space SCREAMING. he finally calmed down and nodded off so we left.
when we first got home, he slept for 1.5 hours. he was pretty irritable when he woke up. he calmed down and ate some yogurt and drank some water. the only way he could drink was with the lid of his cup. i guess sucking hurt his tongue. he then laid down for another 2.5 hours. our friends, the stewarts, brought him a care package that he was excited to open. he got a dinosaur movie, a dinosaur book and a coloring book. it was a lay around kind of day.
this has definitely been a rougher recovery time than last. i think he may have some kind of adverse reaction when we give him the loratab. each time we would give it to him, he would freak out for 1-2 hours and then finally crash from exhaustion. after an incredibly LONG night, i've decided i'm not going to give him any today and just give him the ibuprofen to manage the pain. i don't like see him crying so much especially when i know his throat is already so raw. pray that he feels so much better today and is able to rest comfortably.


anxiously hopeful said...

I'm praying for your little guy. Let me know if Ledger would like to hang out in a no-cry zone. We'd love to have him.

C R said...

Awww. Poor Canon. I will pray that he feels better soon. I'm so glad you included the part about the nurse telling you he would be flipping out. Erin had to have something surgically removed from her nose when she was two. No one told us she would be "flipping out" a few minutes after she came back to the room. Then WE were flipping out. After I got home and a few of my friends called to see how it went, they assured me that was normal. I wish the nurses had been reassuring.

Brad and Elizabeth said...

Nothing more sad than a sick child. I hope Canon feels better soon! I also hope that goose egg on his head heals quickly. That looks so painful.

aanna said...

I had no idea he had surgery! Poor little guy! What was the surgery for?