bcs awards ceremony/graduation...

the boys and i went to muskogee on wednesday, may 11th, to be with family who were in town for lane's youngest brother's graduation. the boys loved playing with all their cousins! lane joined us on thursday in time for the ceremony that night.

the school we grew up going to has always had their awards ceremony and graduation the same night. thankfully, there never seems to be over 10 graduates so it doesn't last all night! chloe was in choir this year so her group got to sing a medoly from the musical, oklahoma. her and dylan both received high academic honors and awards.
dylan's class only had 3 graduates! lane and i had 10 in ours...one of the biggest classes.
we are so proud of dylan! he is going to osu in the fall to doing something in the medical field. he has amazing compassion and a tender heart towards people!

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