18 weeks...

(you can tell my pants are getting snug! these pics are always so awkward!)

how far along: 18 weeks
size of baby: 5-5.5 inches long and 5 ounces! my uterus is now the size of a cantaloupe...crazy.
total weight gain/loss: +5
maternity clothes: not officially...i did pull them all out of the closet yesterday while cleaning my closet out to wash and iron them. my regular pants/shorts are low enough that i can still button them, but they are definitely getting tighter. i just wear stretchy shorts or pj pants at home! some t-shirts seem to be getting short, but i mainly wear shell-like tops when going out.
gender: it's a boy!
name: knox oliver. i love typing/saying that!
movement: FINALLY!! i thought i felt him a few times this week, but nothing consistent. last night, i started feeling him like crazy. i could even feel him on my hand so i called lane in, and we got to watch together as we saw knox move my tummy several times. it was incredible and just a welcomed relief after everything!
sleep: sleeping well at night. falling asleep easily and staying asleep. tmi, but i find myself waking up with the fullest bladder ever. i guess i'm sleeping so hard that it doesn't wake me up! i need a nap in the afternoon, but don't sleep as well then.
what i miss: not much to complain about. my back has been hurting a bit, but not unbearable yet. i could still go for that glass of wine!
craving: cold and crunchy...apples, pickles and ice! salty things, too. cold water is still my favorite thing ever. if i feel a bit nauseous, cold water is the answer!
symptoms: i am loving the bursts of energy i'm experiencing. i think i have pre-nesting. after not feeling like doing anything the first part of the pregnancy to not being able to do anything for 3.5 weeks, i'm cleaning/organizing/getting rid of everything!
best moment of the week: feeling my sweet baby move inside of me!

this morning, lane and i got a babysitter and went to visit our friends, amy and john, who just had a baby yesterday. after several heart-breaking miscarriages, it was so great to hold sweet baby, gatlin reid. he's wonderful and so blessed to have amy and john as parents! i love holding a newborn. i always forget how tiny and helpless they are. only a few more months until his buddy, knox, is here!

after the hospital, we went and grabbed lunch at genghis grill. first of all, it was great to spend lunchtime just with my husband...that never happens! secondly, oh my word. it's a good thing they don't have a drive-thru! lane's been there several times over the past year, and has been wanting to take me, but we always end up somewhere else. as i'm sitting here, i could totally go for another bowl of that right now! it was such a sweet morning.

sidenote: does anyone else keep their blind's closed all day?? i don't think our windows are too energy efficient so we just keep them shut while it's super hot to help out the a/c! it drives us both crazy as we love natural light, but it's just too darn hot!


levi.eden.nora. cordie said...

Haha! Sounds like a wonderful day and you are looking gorgeous! we keep our blinds shut all day long till dusk. I feel a little like a hermit, but it's much cooler in the dark. Hope to see you guys soon!

d moss said...

You do look great! I can't wait to hold little Knox! And yes, we keep our blinds closed too and it helps. I don't necessarily like it, but it helps keep it cooler.

kyle and megan said...

yay for the update! i've been dying to know what john & amy named the baby, lol. thanks! :)

we too keep our blinds closed until evening in the summer... i feel "unfriendly," but it does keep the house cooler!