diving boards and donuts...

when we got to muskogee thursday, the boys' cousins were also there so they got some serious playtime in! that evening, a family in lane's home church had a "baby swim party"! it was so fun...and there were lots of little ones running around!

right when we got there, pops asked if canon wanted to jump off the diving board. canon shocked me and went right off of it! he kept asking me to do the "diming board". of course, little brother was right behind him! i caught video of him his 2nd time off...
on friday, we headed home and my mom met us for dinner and fun. we ate at the boys' second fav restaurant (behind sonic), olive garden. we get our money's worth there with the amount of salad and bread they can eat! my mom told them if they ate well we would go get a donut for a treat. this was there first time in krispy kreme and ledger was in heaven! this picture of his big 'ol grin cracks me up... we ended our day with a long browsing of target. we've been missing that place over the past month!
lane got home around lunch the next day. the boys and i ran to wal-mart first thing that morning, but still didn't beat the heat. if there's anything that makes wal-mart worse, it's loading/unloading in the heat...blah. canon helped me throw a stew together when we got home for dinner. it's what lane requested! i couldn't imagine eating stew with it being 105* outside, but i did, and it was good! we were so glad to be home as a family, but are thankful for the fun we had through the week :)

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