a healthy baby (and our wednesday)...

our past couple of weeks have been EXTREMELY boring! it's just too hot to get in and out of the car and do anything besides stay home with the blinds shut...ha! i don't tolerate the heat very well at all, especially being pregnant AND with temps that are reaching 110+ every day. no, thanks :)

today, however, we had a full morning! canon and i headed to his weekly speech session at 9. he LOVES going and looks forward to it each week. he's doing so great lately (i need to do an update post)!

afterwards, we rushed home so i could drop him off with our sitter and i could head to my appointment with the specialist. it was amazing to get to watch my sweet baby via ultrasound for 45 minutes. first, the sonographer did her in-depth, structural assessment (and verified that he very well is still a boy!). then the doctor came in and looked around some more. he came alive for the second part of the ultrasound and was all over the place...so cool to him moving and flipping!

she concluded that she could not see any type of scar tissue that was so evident a few weeks ago. that was such welcomed news to hear. at this point, i can proceed with a v@ginal delivery if nothing changes! however, she still saw a decent sized clot that she said shouldn't be a problem. when evaluating my placenta, it was obvious that it wasn't "normal" looking in thickness. one side was thick and healthy while the other was pretty thin and damaged (the side with the clot). she said that my bleed 2 months ago caused about 20% of damage. the good news is that our baby looks wonderful and is actually 1.5 weeks ahead in growth! as long as he still keeps growing and i have no more damage, this should be an uneventful remaining half of pregnancy.

my doctor will keep measuring his growth at each appointment then i will return to the specialist at 34 weeks just to make sure there are no threatening structures that have appeared and would cause problems during a natural delivery! thank you, jesus, for this blessing of our son :)
we got several pics, but this one showed his cute, button-nosed profile (like big bro, canon!)
i came home and the boys and i took 3 hour naps this afternoon! after canon having an awful week last week of waking after only 1 hr of a nap, he seems to be back on a great sleep schedule. nighttime has even been a breeze in getting him to stay in bed and go right to sleep.

since this is lane's late night, i thought i'd throw a roast in the crockpot this morning so he could eat an early dinner. at 4:30, i realized i completely forgot to do that so breakfast for dinner it was! i made blueberry pancakes, cheese omelets and a necterine for each of us. it turned out to be a pretty healthy dinner. however, roast sounds so good right now! after just a couple of bites, i looked over at ledger and saw this mess. it's amazing how messy he gets when he eats ANYTHING! canon on the other hand is the cleanest, neatest eater. oh, how i love their differences.
they obviously needed baths after dinner so i let them play in the tub for awhile since it's too hot to even swim outside. at one point, ledger stood up and...this may be too much info, but i want to remember :)...and had his 'i need to poop' face on. i grabbed him and threw his wet self on the frog potty. i told him to put his po0 in the potty. he did and was so proud! canon and i made such a big deal over it and ledger just kept grinning! i wish i could potty train both at the same time...easily! heck, ledger may end up being first and teaching canon :)

it's been a sweet day with my loves. they're into me making up games for everything. it works well since i can get them to do anything by making it a game! clean-up was a breeze and they even got to facetime with aunt lala and uncle kyle before bed. we read a couple books, practiced our speech sounds/words, sang a song, prayed for each other and got lots of kisses and 'tight squeezes'! now, i'm catching up on my dvr'd shows...a lovely evening :)

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