blankie love...

i just found these pictures i had uploaded several months ago! one morning (obviously, it was after easter by the looks of that goose egg on canon's head. i forgot about that...bless his heart), i took the boys pictures with their beloved lovies. they come by this love genetically. if you remember back, i confessed my blankie love here.

canon sleeps with his blue blankie, cars blanket, cookie monster the green bear, nemo the brown bear and ernie the lamb (formerly known as gary). everyone has to be present and accounted for at bedtime. he sometimes asks to bring his blankie along, but by no means has the same addiction as his little bro.
buddies since birth!
now, ledger has a problem. a big one. bless his heart, he can't control himself when he knows i'm washing it. i try to sneak it, but i'm not always successful! the first thing he looks for when he hurts himself...his blankie. we've finally broken him of wanting to take it in places. now he just brings it in the van with him. we figure when he turns 2, we'll make him leave it at home. that's when canon had to start leaving his passy in his bed. i will never say they can't sleep with their blankies! ledger has 2 blankies, both made the same, but he prefers the blue duck one. however, when sleeping, he wants both. he also loves his monkey, rashid (name courtesy of lane)!
i leave you with a collage of blankie love!


levi.eden.nora.cordie. said...

So cute! Ilove that collage. I think Ledgers love has encouraged Nora's new love for her purple blanket. I had a bear I slept with all the time and I never knew blankie love, but I can't get over how cute it is when she asks for her purple blanket all the time! Glad you had such a fun trip! See you guys soon hopefully!

Lauren said...

The collage is hilarious! So funny! I hope he keeps it forever!