too sweet...

is that not the sweetest face?! since ledger has been born, bugs have LOVED biting him. we can all be outside and somehow only ledger walks away with bites. the bad thing is that they welp up... they get hot to the touch and tight and then they spread. after a few days, they go away.
they don't seem to bother ledger too much, thankfully. those are some smart bugs...they know a sweet boy when they see one!

update: since writing this post, ledger has been attacked again...poor baby. does anyone else get severe reactions?? the one on the back of his arm got really hard around the bite for a few hours then went back to just the red bite. i think it hurts me more than him! he's pretty easy going.


kyle and megan said...

my little sister has horrible reactions to mosquito bites in particular. they get HUGE, turn bright red, and sometimes they even scar! she hasn't found much that really helps... :(

Heather said...

I have always gotten bug bites the min I step outside. They get red, and swell. I find that putting ice on them immediately helps some, and of course hydracortisone cream, too.

Laughlin said...

Zeke does the same thing when he gets a mosquito bite. They don't seem to bother time so I just leave them be and they go away pretty quick.

Me Myself and Amy said...

He must get that from Uncle John! It happens to him walking from the car to the house! ha! They usually itch pretty bad but then go away within an hour. I feel bad for him because he has gotten them everywhere! Even his forehead!!! Me...I must be a sour grape because I am not sure that I have had a mosquito bite since I was a kid!