29 weeks...

how far along: 29 weeks
size of baby: a butternut squash!
total weight gain/loss: 17+ lbs according to my scales.
maternity clothes: oh yeah! pretty sure this is the first week i wore all maternity tops (except cardigans). i really only wear one pair of jeans. i don't care for any of my other maternity pants. and as soon as i hit the door to my house, i'm in pajama pants!
gender: a sweet little boy.
name: knox oliver.
movement: he's still super active...especially at bedtime and when i eat.
sleep: getting more tricky, but still nothing to complain about (compared to last time!). i'm able to fall asleep fast, but i wake up several times through the night. thankfully, i'm able to go back to sleep right away. i did have to pull out a pillow for in between my knees this week. it's helping my back and also keeping me from rolling onto my back!
what i miss: well, as of this week, i miss doing things without my back breaking or legs aching!
cravings: strawberry lemonade and chicken salad sandwiches!
symptoms: heartburn, peeing (ALL.THE.TIME), braxton-hick's contractions, aches and pains!
best moment(S) of the week: trip to the pumpkin patch, finishing the painting in the baby's room, starting to pull out baby gear, and working on the boys' hospital shirts.
no belly shot this week. i totally had intentions to get one at the pumpkin patch today, but we were kind of busy with the other guys! however, we did get some sweet shots with knox's big brothers loving on him. the boys even picked out a tiny pumpkin for him!

this week, i feel as if the pregnancy is starting the downward spiral to being miserable. i've become so much more exhausted just running errands and doing chores around the house. by the end of the day, i'm on the couch with my feet up, completely worthless. my whole body just aches and my legs/feet feel heavy. however, after a night of sleep, i wake up ready to go and tackle more of the never-ending imaginary list, floating around in my head. i'm most productive before 1:00 pm!

also, this week, those darn braxton-hick's contractions started. they don't bother me, but i didn't remember them starting this early. they do take me by surprise, though! i've noticed them most when driving.

i have loved working on things for mr. knox. his room is painted and ready to be decorated. i've got to clean it top to bottom (like blinds, windows, fan, vents, base boards), first. i bought his lamp this week on sale at target.

i also got his carseat and diaper bag out and got it washed and ready. after i get his room cleaned and arranged, i'll start washing clothes and organizing his closet and dresser. thankfully, we really don't need much more than diapers this time around. he's already gotten a few new clothes, thanks to gram!

i've been working on the 3 boys' shirts they'll wear for pictures at the hospital. i'm such a perfectionist, i drive myself crazy. i wish i had an unlimited etsy budget, but i don't!

that's pretty much it when it comes to baby! i'm trying to keep up with weekly chore stuff while getting projects done...and still take a nap in the afternoon :)


Kyle said...

Wow, I can't believe it has been that long. A butter nut squash.

Josh and Maggie said...

Such sweet pictures!

kyle and megan said...

okay, i'm so glad to hear that i'm not a whimp! by the time i get home from work, i don't feel like doing anything! i feel guilty for not keeping up with the house the way i should, but i have no energy and am so uncomfortable! i can't wait till our little guys are here! :)

anxiously hopeful said...

Love the pictures. You are such a pretty prego! Those boys are going to LOVE their baby brother.