superheroes and chick-fil-a...

we are a chick-fil-a, lovin' family! when we saw that their kid night was "dress like your favorite superhero", we jumped at it. the boys love any excuse to wear their costumes AND who can pass up free chick-fil-a?? the boys talked about it all afternoon and were so excited. canon kept saying, "i so -cited"! i loved not having to cook :)
we tried to get a few pictures of them, but they were so full of energy, they wouldn't stand still!
we've never done one of their theme nights before...oh my. it was so crowded, but so fun! the boys just watched all the excitement. they hesitantly gave high-fives to the chick-fil-a cows. after we found a table, they really got into spotting different superheroes they knew. of course, when the food came, they got down to business!
we did find out an interesting fact about canon. i thought since it was a special night, i'd get them chocolate milk with their meals. canon took one sip and said, "i not like brown milk. i like white milk." he told him that's all they had for him that night, but he refused to drink anything until we got home. what kid doesn't like chocolate milk?!
when we left, i needed to run in target for a few things so the boys walked over to fuddruckers where they were having some kind of old car show. the boys were fascinated, of course. we had such a fun, little outing together! i'm trying to soak up these boys right now while they're at an easier, fun stage and, also, before a newborn dictates what/when we do something!!


anxiously hopeful said...

Those have to be two of the cutest super heros I've seen in the past 5 years (since my boys were doing that 5 years ago).

Jillian said...

oh my word they are so cute!!! I love it!!