37 weeks 5 days...

pregnancy highlights
how far along: 37 weeks 5 days
size of baby: 6lb3oz-ish, 19in
total weight gain/loss: +28 lbs
maternity clothes: YES!! and i can't wait to not wear pants with a band that squeezes SO tight...uncomfortable!
gender: a sweet little boy who we can't wait to meet. so soon!!
name: knox oliver.
movement: still a mover. it doesn't matter if there isn't any room left. he's always poking out somewhere.
sleep: oy. good sleep hasn't occurred for a few weeks. still can fall asleep easily. now naptime isn't even happening for me. i sometimes can sleep for 20 minutes, and then i wake up ready to go. last night, i had true insomnia..and it was frustrating as heck!
cravings: still pb&j's and sugar. i even had 2 sandwiches at supper one night this week! i usually eat the same thing for lunch every day...pb&j, pretzels, grapes and cubed cheese! water, too. can't get enough.
symptoms: cramping, intense braxton-hicks, lots of potty trips, sciatic pain. good 'ol end of pregnancy stuff :)
best moment of the week: the anticipation and wondering of when this sweet dude will join us! i'm reading into everything that feels different!!

i saw the doctor this afternoon, and nothing much had changed with the exception of him being a bit lower. still a 2ish. however, we did schedule an induction for next Monday, the 19th! we are so excited that inside of a week, we will be meeting this sweet boy. i'm still hoping he makes an even earlier appearance. the good news is my doctor is on call 4 of the next 6 nights. my odds are good! so crazy this is my last official pregnancy highlight!

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