canon's christmas program...

last tuesday night, canon had his school's christmas program. we were anxiously looking forward to this one after last springs! canon was pretty excited, too. when we would talk about it, he would say that he was going to be brave and smile and dance. he was always overly animated about it when we talked about it!
all of his grandparents came to support him! his class looked so cute as they all marched out on stage. of course, canon was on the end of the "tree". he looked tiny next to everyone else.
he was nowhere near as into it as he was at home, but at least he wasn't frozen in fear the whole time. instead, he just looked bored out of his mind and played with his sweater! he managed a couple of motions here and there and even did great at receiving all the gifts at the end of the line.

however, when lane went to retrieve him from the stage after the program, you would have thought by the look on canon's face that he had just given the entertainer of the year performance. he was all smiles and SO proud!! i loved seeing how confident he felt afterwards. both boys were looking forward to the cookie party afterwards. it was such a sweet evening of memories!

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kyle and megan said...

so cute! i love little kids' programs!