baby and household update...

well, the past 24 hours have been interesting to say the least. after having a weird, uncomfortable (for lack of a better description...just several out of ordinary things) night tuesday night, i woke up and got ready while having some contractions. canon and i went to speech. when we got home, i had quite a bit of bloody show. it freaked me out as i had never had this with the boys. i was cramping pretty bad at that point and had some pretty regular contractions for most of the morning/afternoon. i was convinced this baby was on his way! i immediately started attacking my house. by 1:00, i had completely exhausted myself and tried to lay down when the boys did for a nap. i slept about an hour then got up to take a bath and get ready. 

i was planning on meeting my mom after she got off of a work so she could stay with the boys while i got a pedicure! i was planning on getting one friday, but after googling my symptoms, labor seemed more imminent than not (i've never had labor on my own!) AND i've been looking forward to a pre-l&d pedicure for months. plus, i've heard of women going into labor after one. i got the boys up from naps and decided to bathe them before we left, "just incase." canon was pretty whiny/fussy about everything, but its not unusual for him to wake up this way...oh joy! we were literally on our way out the door when he threw up all over himself (and the floor). around the same time, i got a text from lane saying he felt awful and was on his way home. after cleaning up and getting both boys settled on a pallet, we decided i would go meet my mom to get ledger out of the house and i could still get my pedicure :)

she was the best. i wish i could hire this lady everyday to do this. i hate when they rush through it. she took her time and kept inquiring about my baby. i also LOVE the rolling feature on the massage chairs! 
however, lane did keep texting me the entire time asking if i was done. they were both getting sick and he was having to do canon too. he sounded pitiful on the phone. when i was done, i rushed to gather up so "sick food." after a rough evening, around 10, they both managed to keep things down. i'm so thankful this didn't turn bad for canon. it was as if knox knew the timing was bad because as soon as the boys got sick, all signs of labor stopped.
today, they were both exhausted and wiped out, but were feeling better. lane had a couple of things he needed to today, but just got home. i have a couple of errands to run and hoping the walking will help things to pick up again! pray that we are done with this nasty bug. I CANNOT GET IT!! first thing this morning, i started bleaching everything! i'm mindful of everything the boys touch :)

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