santa baby...

on thursday before christmas, we took the boys to see santa! we were waiting for knox to make his arrival since this was his first christmas. the boys were staying in muskogee until we could get there on friday. my sister and kyle got to town that day for christmas and along with my mom and chloe, they brought the boys up for the much anticipated visit! 

we had planned to go to bass pro after hearing about their winter wonderland set-up. they also advertised free pictures! we met them there after knox's appointment and did a quick outfit change for the boys in the van. they were so excited. we've talked about being brave and not crying and how nice santa is for weeks. canon said he was going to be brave like caillou? (btw, lane despises this show, but my kids are obsessed) i guess he saw an episode where caillou visited santa.

when we got back to the santa area, i was surprised at how many people were in line on a thursday afternoon! they gave us a card saying to come back in an hour for our turn. canon instantly became distraught at the thought of leaving without seeing santa. we had to explain several times that we would come back after we ate a quick lunch. we ran across the parking lot for a quick mexican lunch at los cabos...yum.

we made it back before our allotted time and were allowed to jump up in line. we still waited 20-30 minutes, but they had all kinds of game booths set up to keep everyone entertained. 
when it was our turn to see the man in red, the boys walked right up. canon immediately spurted out (without santa asking), "tools!" which is what he had been rehearsing to tell santa he wanted! we got everyone situated then...
... santa asked if we could switch knox and canon. we figured ledger would be the most hesitant so that's why he got to be the one to stand! everyone stayed pleasant for the picture. it turned out cute, i thought. i do wish it would've been a more close-up, but, hey, it was free!
at the end, santa asked the boys what they wanted (i don't think he heard or knew what canon said in the beginning). canon told him tools and ledger said "birthday" after thinking for a minute. he's a mess! when walking away, canon told us he was brave like caillou. ledger said he was, too! we just may be passed the crying stage with those 2. who knows what knox will think next year!

and just for fun...here's the past 2 years pics...here and here!

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