knox at 3 months...

knox, you still are such a sweet, content, laid-back baby. you have made this infant stage so pleasant! you have fallen into such an easy routine. you're a super flexible, go-with-the-flow baby! we LOVE getting you up from your crib because you are so smiley and act genuinely excited to see us. we are loving the frequent baby smiles. nothing cuter than a toothless, gummy grin! you are quite the cooer. it's the sweetest sound. we feel like you fall in the middle of your brothers when it comes to pitch. canon had a deep voice from the beginning and ledgie had a high-pitched coo. bless your heart,  you are trying to laugh. your little body wiggles and it's like your trying to muster up your laugh from your toes! you have had more wake periods this month and love people-watching. still not a crier (thank you, jesus!).
it's been fun watching you observe more of your environment. you still haven't mastered that hand-eye coordination, but you like to move your hands around. we have links hanging on everything and every once in awhile, your hand will find one and you'll hold on tight! you also discovered the fun of kicking your feet. playtime includes making silly faces and having you try to mimic us, reading books, smiling at your toys on your bouncer/playmat and watching your brothers attempts at entertaining you. tummy time hasn't gone great. mainly, because you are content to just lay on your stomach. we have to lay in front on you and lift your head up a few times to remind you what you are working on! this past week, you started holding it up for longer periods. we tease you that it's hard work getting a 95th percentile head up! 
boy, you love your milk! i'm so thankful for a good mik supply. you are nursing 5-6 times a day, every 2.5-3 hours. we start our day around 8-8:30 and you get your last feeding at 9pm. you still take a bottle well if needed. although, you only like the avent bottle (a freebie in some newborn kit with ledger) which we have one of, but you don't drink a bottle often enough to buy more. you, also, LOVE your passy. it fixes anything that has you upset! i'm getting over a tougher case of mastitis (i assume because we dropped your nighttime feeding), but it hasn't really affected your eating. you have also stopped spitting up as much this past week. very much welcomed!
you are officially sleeping through the night!! oh my. the earliest any of you and your brothers has! your brothers go to bed about 8 and you stay up until 9. this is mommy and daddy's special time with just you. we usually fight over who gets to hold/cuddle you! i nurse you around 9, swaddle you, turn your fan on, and kiss your sweet little head. sometimes during the night, i hear you fussing so i go put a passy in your mouth and you go right back to sleep. i'm just thankful you're not wanting to nurse during the night! you wake up around 8-8:30 with the rest of the house! you still sleep great in the car/carseat. your nap schedule has changed a bit. if we are home, i usually lay you back down about 1-1.5 hours after waking up for the day. you will sleep 1.5-2 hours. after a late morning feeding, you try to stay up until your next feeding. you may cat nap in your bouncer while mommy and your brothers are eating lunch. around 1:30, you get another feeding then we all lay down for an afternoon nap. you will sleep until your next feeding at 4-4:30. most evenings, you take another short nap around 6:30. your schedule works for us! we are very thankful for your flexibility and good (early) sleeping habits.
you enjoy your bath. you take your bath in the big tub and we just lay you on your bath sponge. you look so relaxed while i pour warm water over you. you've even kicked your little feet a few times! your big brothers LOVE to watch you take a bath. they can't wait until you can take a bath with them! you love for mommy to sing songs to you during bathtime and while getting dressed. you have started losing some of your hair this month. still have quite a bit, it's just thinned out! you are also, rocking the bald patch on the back of your head :) your eyes are still pretty light...kind of a hazel color now.
you graduated to size 2 diapers last week. you've now been in newborn, 1's and 1/2's (left over from ledger). crazy to think how much that little bottom has already grown! you were dirtying your diaper after every feeding, but we noticed a couple of weeks ago that you hadn't pooed in about 36 hours so i called our nurseline. she was very reassuring saying that you were now at the age where as long as you pooed once a week and weren't acting like you were in pain, it was fine. you are now absorbing more of the breastmilk instead of expelling it. who knew! we still have sooooo many diapers to use from our diaper shower. i'm very thankful for this blessing!
your herniated belly button is a large as ever. we are still waiting for you to reach 20 lbs before they do surgery. you had a nasty respiratory virus this month that had you wheezing, coughing and congested. they were very concerned about you and had us come to the office everyday for 3 days, then twice the next week. it took a full week of doing breathing treatments every 4 hours and steroids to finally kick it.  you were such a good sick baby and stuck to your schedule like a champ! 
at your 2 month appointment, you weighed 13lb 7oz (90th%ile) and was 23 1/2" (75th%ile). a week later you weighed 13lb 11oz. i'm guessing your around 14lbs now. size 2 diapers. definitely in 3-6 month clothes now. we have SO many 3-6 month cold-weather clothes and it's been in the 70's and 80's for awhile now. i'm going to have to grab a few springy 3-6 month things until you can wear our 6-12 month summer clothes! 
knox oliver, 

we love you so very much and our so thankful for your sweet life! thank you for bringing us lots of smiles and for loving us! we think the world of you and are loving the front row seats to you learning and growing. as your daddy tells you and your brothers every single night, there's nothing that you could ever do that would make us love you less. 



Kyndal said...

I truly don't think he could get any cuter...
Seeing and reading about Knox definitely has me even more excited about the possibility that our #3 is a boy!

Caitlin A said...

Love reading about your sweet family & seeing pictures of those precious boys!