knox at 4 months...

not much has changed over the past month. you are still super happy, chill, content, smiley and cuddly. these things sum you up pretty well! someone just has to look at you and you flash them a full body grin. you don't laugh a lot out loud, but your whole face (and body) shines when you smile. you love for people to hold and talk to you. no stranger anxiety yet. i'm glad you let people love on you! your new sound to make is a kind of creaking, grumbly sound...kind of like your constipated! you are doing great in the nursery at church and we've let you with a babysitter a couple of times, too.
playtime has evolved this month. you are doing substantially better at tummy time. you still don't love it, but you can do it! you are trying to roll over front to back and back to front. on your tummy, you lean so far over, but your arm on the side your rolling stops you and you go back to your tummy. when you're on your back, you kick your legs over so your laying on your side. it's only a matter of time before you roll on over. you love your bumbo. watching your brothers play is a favorite of yours. you have started grabbing and grasping toys. if they aren't attached to anything, they go straight to your mouth. i love watching your hand-eye coordination develop. if you can't chew on a toy, your next favorite option is your fingers. we've even caught you holding your passy chewing on the side of it. you also love storytime and song time. the boys and i do hand motion songs with you and you all think that's pretty flunny!
still love to eat. still love your passy. still spitting up (or puking up or gurping, as some in the house call it). we start the day with a feeding around 8. i then pump about 4-6oz. you eat again at 11, 1:30, 4, and 6:30. around 8, i start the long process of defrosting a bag of milk in the hot water while i let you nurse one last time. i then give you 4-6oz in a bottle. you take it like a champ and go to bed with a full tummy. i currently have mastistis...AGAIN. it hasn't messed with my supply or your eating so i can handle it.
you are still sleeping like a champ. you go to sleep around 8:30 each night. occasionally, you will start fussing in the middle of the night so i just put your passy back in and your fine. you wake up around 8, nurse and then play on the floor while i'm getting your brothers fed and dressed. if we are home for the morning, you go back down for a nap about 9:30. you will sleep for about about 1-1.5 hours. you've dropped your nap between the 11 and 1:30 feedings which is fine because then you take a big 'ol 2.5-3 hour afternoon nap. you start getting fussy around 5:30-5:45 so you will usually take a 45 minute cat nap until your next feeding then you stay awake until bedtime. it's a good schedule for us. you are super flexible though and will nap anywhere.  
you still enjoy bath time. your hair has thinned out quite a bit. still rocking your bald spot. i think you're starting to lose your newborn baby smell. you just smell less...fresh! maybe it's all the spit-up. thank goodness for baby lotion!

you still wear a size 2 diaper well. we go through probably 5-6 a day. you still only poop once every 1-2 weeks. this doesn't bother you or the doctors so we're going with it! you did make your first poop face last night. it was funny :) because you don't poop often, you have some rank gas. like clear a room, bad. everyone seems so impressed (or disgusted) that you can produce that kind of grossness.

{other randoms}
you're still riding/sleeping well in the carseat. if i don't have to carry the heavy carseat, i don't. i either carry you (to and from the house or church) or stick you in the umbrella stroller. you do fine and never make a peep when we are out and about. i'm getting really good at nursing in public. you have a favorite blankie already. still waiting for you to reach 20 lbs for surgery. you did discover your hernia (or stump as we call it) this past week. you just kept grabbing it and holding it. it was funny! your eyes are still really light compared to the rest of us. i'd say they're borderline gray/ hazel...and beautiful!

you were 13lbs 7oz at your 2 month and 14lbs 11oz one month later. we go this week for your 4 month check-up. i'm anxious to see how much you weigh now. i like to call you, my little porker. you are wearing a few 3-6 month things, but primarily, 9 month and 6-12month outfits. still haven't put shoes on your little feet. your brothers' feet always grew slow, too. 

and just for kicks...
i don't feel like he physically changed that much over the past month.

we say all the time that you are the sweetest baby ever. we feel so incredibly blessed to have you in our family. we love you tons, sweet boy!


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kyle and megan said...

it's crazy how similar creed and knox are! from sleeping/napping schedule to size to what they can do! :) i hope when you are in muskogee sometime over summer we could get together!