christmas day...

everyone slept until 8:30 on christmas morning... glorious!! canon was SO excited to see the camera santa brought him. he was certain it would be there! ledger couldn't of cared less if santa came or not. he takes awhile to wake up. we heard lots of grunting from him :) the traditional pic before seeing the loot!
each boy had only talked about wanting one item from santa so you better believe we went along with that for this year! i love santa, but also don't want him to credit for everything! santa threw in a brain quest book for canon, a reusable sticker scene pad for ledger and a set of books about goslings with one of them named ollie for knox. ledger went right for the big gift in front. upon tearing into it, he saw that he had indeed gotten his space rocketship that he had been talking about. his smile was so genuine! 
of course, indecisive canon couldn't decide which one to open first. he ended up grabbing the book. talk about disappointment after seeing ledger's wish granted. in his most grumpy, ungrateful voice, he said, "i really wanted my own camera."  
when he realized there was still another santa gift to be opened, he quickly changed his attitude. his face was priceless when he saw his very own camera. he hasn't stopped taking pictures over the past 2.5 weeks!
"say cheese!"
 sweet knox scored this precious drumset. just like his brothers, he's a natural!
 a few of their many goodies from the morning. gram and lala were good to them!
"my very own ipad!!!!"
upgraded from a go phone to an iphone 4s!
not sure who was having more fun in this picture! this is our first hot wheel track and it is SO much fun! seriously, entertains us for long stretches of time.
knox was sleeping while we opened gifts so he got to dig into his new stuff when he woke up!
the forecast had been calling for a white christmas for several days leading up to christmas. as it got closer, the amounts went up. it wasn't supposed to start until lunchtime. around 2, right after sitting down to our big christmas lunch, it started snowing. it was beautiful. unfortunately, we only got a dusting. i was complaining the next day about the lack of snow we had gotten. lane said, "you know it freaking snowed on christmas, right?!" touche. 
 we spent the afternoon playing lane's new game, wits and wagers. it was super fun!  
around 5, lauren and kyle headed out to go back to dallas. it was a very tearful goodbye for both lauren and ledger! about 30 minutes later, the doorbell rang and it was them. the roads were already pretty slippery and were worse down south so they decided to stay for the night. we were super excited to get to spend another evening with them! it's always a fun time to have the whole family together. 

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Kyndal said...

We played Wits and Wagers for the first time recently and LOVED it! So fun catching up on Christmas with your precious family. As always, the kiddos are too cute! Sure wish our boys could play together. :)