christmas eve...

i may love christmas eve more than christmas day. i LOVE the anticipation of our traditions and the christmas eve service. it's just a relaxing, special day to me. this year looked a tad different since my mom ended up a working a few hours that morning and my sisters headed to tulsa to meet my dad for breakfast. it was kind of nice waking up and having a little time with just our little family. it was also a nice break for the others to be away from our chaos!! 

on sugar man buzz lightyear the elf's last morning with us, he left the boys a fun gingerbread man to decorate. i bet SMBL the elf had a hard time deciding whether to bring a gingerbread house or man. he ended up making a wise choice! however, our man was maimed when we opened the box. not to fear with lane moss at the helm! meet "underwear daddy, "affectionately named by ledger. we have got to stop letting our children name things!! it was a fun activity for these guys to work on while i prepped some dishes. 
once everyone was back home, we had a relaxing afternoon. while the little guys napped, we watched "christmas vacation" and played "things" again. 
these hands are always finding some kind of trouble :)
soon it was time to get dressed for christmas eve service. someone asked me not long ago how many pictures do i really take before i post a "good" one! the answer is lots! knox was feeling a photo shoot as he still wasn't feeling great. these 2 cracked me up of my big boys...
 and we have a winner...from a different camera!
we used our tripod lots over the weekend!
 on the way to church, we realized we hadn't gotten a picture together. self-portrait!

knox entertained himself very well during the service. i kept thinking how he was only 5 days old at this service last year :( we surprisingly didn't have to take any children out during the 45 minute service. i credit gram with packing a bag full of all kinds of snacks and activities. she's always prepared for these guys!
ledger was my buddy during the candle lighting portion of the service. he was SO excited to get to "hold" it. how i'll miss these sweet, chubby hands as time continues to turn my baby into a boy! i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this special service each year. what a great way to quiet our hearts in the midst of the christmas craziness and dwell on our sweet savior!
after visiting with many friends, we finally made it back home to open up our traditional pair of jammies so we could finally get comfy again! i LOVED my pair this year! and my boys? melt-my-heart adorable! they also were very excited about lane's batman pants. my mom picked them out knowing how cool the boys would think they were!
 sisterly love. 
on christmas eve, we always have a bunch of snacks/appetizers. my favorite kind of meal!! i'll never tell how many of those little ham sandwiches i consumed ;)
in the past, the siblings have always drawn a name and done a $25 gift and only opened our pajamas on christmas eve. this year, we changed it up by doing stockings and opening them on christmas eve. we drew someone's name (and included my mom) and then a random (common) letter for them. we then had to spend $25 and come up with 5-6 items that started with that letter for our person. for example, kyle had my name and my letter was "t". he put a "toothbrush", "target" giftcard, "trophy wife" essie nail polish, long-sleeved "top", "twix" bar, chi "total" moisture hair cream in my stocking. it was a really good stocking! lauren swears they didn't go over the limit. it was fun to change things up. it was also fun to be more creative in coming up with gifts. the boys unwrapped a bunch of wooden vehicles that my mom had bought earlier in the year. 
this was my mom's stocking growing up. i think he's endearing. everyone else thought he was super creepy! ledger makes a pretty cute, 'ol saint nick!
after setting out milk, cookies, and a note to santa (i can't believe i forgot to take a pic of this), we all turned in without a fuss! i love the anticipation of christmas morning...

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