cousin christmas...

the day after christmas, we headed back to joplin for greer cousin christmas. we had 40+ people at nana's for several days. it was so fun to have all the great grandkids together. there were 11 kids under 4 there! i was terrible at taking pictures, but bummed these off of a couple of people! some highlights were shopping with amy, lots of tilleyball (SO fun!), lots of kiddo play, a big family christmas dinner and 2 nights of baked fudge!!
we took this jewel of a picture one morning. we needed an updated cousin picture and while they all matched/coordinated, we jumped on the opportunity! the kids were the easiest, most cooperative they've ever been. it was freezing and that may have had something to do with it. we were outside for like 45 seconds and walked away with a winner!

waiting for pops to get back!
cookie time with oomah. 
unfortunately, on friday morning, knox started throwing up. by lunch, it was clear that it was indeed a bug. since there were so many people around, we figured we'd go ahead and go to muskogee with steve and dawn to keep our germs away from all the other kids. the rest of the brothers joined us the next day!

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