the inevitable xmas eve (eve) sickies...

let me start out by saying that it never, ever fails that someone is sick on christmas. a trip to the er, urgent care or doctor's office is always in order within 48 hours of christmas. this is how it was for me and my sister's growing up, and nothing has changed since my own kids came on to the scene. 

on sunday the 23rd, our morning church plans were quickly cancelled. after staying up ALL night with a fussy, feverish baby, it was decided that my mom would take knox to urgent care in tulsa while everyone else took care of 2 little boys. knox had been running low-grade fever the week before and hadn't quite been himself, but since that was his only symptom, we chalked it up to teeth since we could see and feel a tooth right under the surface. his 103.8 fever told us otherwise that morning so off we went to the doctor. 

boy, were we in for a shock. the place was PACKED! i hated knowing we were all breathing in each other's sick germs. yuck. we waited in the waiting room for 3 HOURS and then another 45 minutes once we were in a room. 2 hours into our wait, i could tell his fever had spiked so i gave him his next dose of ibuprofen while we waited. it brought it down to 101 by the time we were called back. poor baby had a nasty ear infection in his left ear. i felt terrible for him! that's the last time we assume it's teeth for a whole week. after picking up a humidifier and his antibiotic, we headed home to a big roast lunch that got delayed! i don't think i've ever been so glad to been released from somewhere!  
meanwhile, uncle kyke and aunt lala entertained the boys while lane tried to catch up on sleep. the boys LOVE to go on walks in character! i have a feeling they didn't have to beg to hard for kyle to take a turn :)
 it was such a nice day that everyone logged some outdoor play time. 
 i was content to sit and hold my pitiful baby. seriously, how cozy is my mom's living room?!?!
 that evening, we dropped the kiddos off at oomah and pop's house while the adults went to see "guilt trip". it wouldn't have been my first choice, but it was really funny! we had a good time! we finished the night off with "the game of things". i LOVE playing games with my family. it's always a time full of laughter! 

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