moss family christmas...

after the rest of the moss clan arrived in muskogee on the 29th, it was time for our final christmas! we always look forward to spending the last few days of the year with lane's family. it full of relaxation, fun and lots of food. as soon as everyone had some lunch, the kids were super excited to open their gifts!

super sweet :)
plasma cars and bikes!!
of course, despite the cold, we had to take their new rides for a spin in the cul-de-sac!
the adults may have had more fun on the plasma cars than the kiddos!
last year we started the tradition of waiting to open our gifts once the kidlets were in bed...BEST DECISION EVER! we did the same stocking idea that we had done with my family. i loved seeing all the creative things people came up with. some of the more common letters were super hard gift letters. we had plenty of laughs and were spoiled as usual!

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